ESP 32 Cam

ESP 32 Cam mount

The ESP 32 Cam is a small camera based on the ESP 32, which can act as a surveillance camera via a WLAN network. The mount is designed so that the camera does not fall out directly even in an overhead position. A tripod can be screwed (M6) or clamped to the mount depending on the print model.

ESP 32 Cam tripod screwed

This tripod has an M6 thread, which fits the ESP 32 Cam mount with screw connection. However, I would advise a plug-in connection, as the screw connection can quickly break off in the thread of the mount and thus not only the tripod, but also the mount becomes unusable.

ESP 32 Cam tripod plugged

This tripod has a plug-in connection which fits the ESP 32 Cam mount with zinc plating. I recommend this variant, because the galvanization as a connection is more stable than the screw connection.

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